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Friday, May 25, 2018

Dom Came to School

Rocky shore in kea class

On Raapa (wednesday) zak's dad Don AKA red moky from hoky came to kokatahi kowhitirangi school. Because the kea class were going to go to rocky shore but we could go cause the wave’s were to strong and the rock pool’s were full of water. Dom talked to the kea class and the hoiho class about the rocky shore and the onchen. Dom played hoce with us.    

First Dom shored us a side about the onchon and he stared at the mountains then he worked his down to the sea. The side was cool and colourful.

But before he did that he said his pepea and where he was from. And he also intoges himself.

Dom brought some skulls. He brought a seal and donfell, that jeuwo brock.they looked weird and cool.           

I lent that seal’s are like us and that when you squish a sea sponge they grow back. I also lent that if you go fishing and you set out a net dothin’s could get stack and die because they can’t breith underwater.

Friday, April 6, 2018

At the Wharenui I am really Manahau (Excited). When I got to school I had to hop in a Motokā (Car) with a parent and my school friends, it was a long ride to the wharenui (marae). I think the men will perform the haka. And we may make kōrari using dead flax. I hope that we get to go swimming at a Awa (river) and fishing, and speaking of fishing we could do some fish hook designs.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

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